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Bambino Buddy-Ball

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The Bambino Buddy-Ball Division allows our special needs athletes to enjoy the game of baseball and softball on the same level that is experienced by other participants.

What is Bambino Buddy Ball?

This program was created by Babe Ruth League, Inc. in 2000 to allow for athletes ages 5-20 to participate in baseball with the assistance of a buddy. This is a fun, non-competitive league with the goal of allowing children with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to experience the game of baseball and build friendships. 

How are the teams structured?

Each team has one manager and two coaches. Each athlete has the option of having an assigned buddy who will assist them as needed to participate in the game. 

Does my child have to have a buddy?

No. You can choose to have your child participate in the program and not have an assigned buddy. You can indicate if you would like your child to have a buddy on the registration form. In the event your child does not have an assigned buddy but requires/requests assistance, there will be volunteers available who are able to assist them.

Will my child have the same buddy every week?

We will try our best to have buddies remain consistent throughout the program so that they can form friendships.

Do I need to provide any equipment?

You will need to provide a glove for your child. Batting helmets, bats, and balls will be provided by the league. You may bring your own helmet or bat but it is not required.

What if I have other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact the league’s liaison, Erin Wells at with any additional questions. The goal of this program is to have fun, build friendships, and enjoy the game of baseball together. We understand that each child has their own unique needs and we will do our very best to accommodate these needs to ensure everyone enjoys their time in the Buddy Ball program.

How can I register my child for Bambino Buddy Ball?

Registration link will be here when open.

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